All American Futurity Horses of the Day: Day Three

Friday, August 30, 2019 - 1:15pm

Horses of the Day: Day 3

Racehorses are not your average athletes, especially the All American Futurity qualifiers. These unique racehorses possess extreme speed. More importantly, these large animals have outstanding genetics, great trainers and passionate jockey’s leading them to a potential victory on the track for the chance at $3 million. It’s safe to say these horses could become prized possessions for their owners. Read more about your favorite qualifier below. Thanks to DISH, you can tune in on RIDE TV and RIDE TV GO Monday, September 2 to watch LIVE coverage of the 2019 All American Futurity, starting at 5 pm | 4c.

Elm Creek Khrome

Talk about a horse that is trained by a previous winner of the All American Futurity! This pair might be hard to beat. Trainer Bret Vickery a seven-time trial winner, has been preparing Elm Creek Khrome for the finals. Elm Creek Khrome is shorter than the other racehorses; however, this horse doesn’t let his height define his ability of speed. He finished as the fifth fastest horse qualifier on day one of the trials with a time of 21.877. Owner H. Kent Creel and jockey Jose Alvarez might have a short dynamite of a horse, potentially earning them fireworks in the winning circle.

Mr. Jess Jenkins

This horse shoots for the stars when it comes to being in the trials. Mr. Jess Jenkins has had three-lifetime starts but no wins. However, he sped it up a notch to win the fifth trial run with the third-fastest time on day one with a 21.751. This two-year-old could potentially make the greatest turnaround in the All American history if he takes home the victory. We will have to watch Mr. Jess Jenkins and his jockey James Flores race to the finish line for the ultimate win.

My Fast Prize

There is no denying that My Fast Prize has a need for speed. This quick horse shows off his speed during the trial runs. My Fast Prize takes home his eleventh Futurity trial win, to earn him a spot in the All American Futurity. His eleventh win made him the second-fastest horse on day one of the trials with a 21.736. My Fast Prize is a big competitor this year in the All American. This horse not only is fast, but he also is a grand prize purchase of $69,000 from the Ruidoso Sale by TYKHE Racing, LLC. Be sure to catch him speed down the track with his jockey Alan Hernandez on September 2, 2019. My Fast Prize could win the grand prize!

Passionate Paris

Passionate Paris is fortunate enough to have a very passionate trainer who could potentially make a great come back at the All American Futurity. Trainer Bret Vickery is a previous winner of the All American Futurity. Passionate Paris is proving her passion on the race track with a speedy run to earn her a spot in the 2019 All American Futurity with a time of 21.725. Passionate Paris became the fastest qualifier on day two in the trials. We will see if her passion is enough to win her the victory.

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