All American Derby Horses of the Day: Day Two

Thursday, August 29, 2019 - 2:30pm

Horses of the Day: Day 2

Racehorses are not your average athletes, especially the All American Derby qualifiers. These unique Quarter Horses possess extreme speed. More importantly, these are older horses with outstanding genetics, great trainers, experience and passionate jockeys leading them to a potential victory on the track for the chance at $1.5 million. These horses show true grit and determination racing down the 440-yard track. The Derby horses might be older but their speed has not slowed them down. Read more about your favorite qualifier below. You can tune in on RIDE TV GO Monday, September 1, 2019, to watch the LIVE coverage of the 2019 All American Derby, starting at 5 pm | 4c.

Valiant Tiberias

A horse determined to be just as quick as the others he is competing against. Valiant Tiberias was bred by Reliance Ranches, LLC. This horse finished sixth fastest horse with a 21.402. Valiant Tiberias was one of two horses that qualified during the fourth trial run. Valiant Tiberias could potentially win the $1.5 million in the All American Derby race if he is on top of his game. This is a fast horse with the determination to give it his all. We will see if Valiant Tiberias and his jockey James Flores can race to the finish line and earn themselves a victory!

Jest Famous

This horse has a famous history in racing. Jest Famous has been in numerous races giving it his all each time. However, he might have just been too young to win, but he sure earned a spot in the All American Derby race as a three-year-old. Jest Famous has had one of ten lifetime starts with jockey Ricky Ramirez. A $200,000 horse that is determined to become a champion with a qualifying time of 21.431. Jest Famous might just make his most famous run yet at the All American Derby on September 2, 2019.

American Hussle

After a short break from racing American Hussle came back even faster than before, earning a spot in the All American Derby race. This two-year-old has only had three starts in his entire career, he proved his quick time of 21.137 was quick enough to qualify. Tune in to watch American Hussle and his jockey James Flores potentially win their first major race together!



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