All American Derby Horses of the Day: Day One

Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 3:00pm

Horses of the Day: Day 1

Race horses are not your average athletes, especially the All American Derby qualifiers. These unique Quarter Horses possess extreme speed. More importantly, these are older horses with outstanding genetics, great trainers, experience and passionate jockeys leading them to a potential victory on the track for the chance at $1.5 million. These horses show their true grit and determination racing down the 440-yard track. The Derby horses might be older, but their speed hasn’t slowed them down. Read more about your favorite qualifier below. You can tune in on RIDE TV GO Monday, September 1 to watch LIVE coverage of the 2019 All American Derby, starting at 5 pm | 4c.

Flying Cowboy 123

Flying Cowboy 123 is a prize-winning champion of his own. This champion horse has won over $700,000 in his career. Talk about a horse that knows how to fly down the race track. Flying Cowboy 123 flew down the 440-yard track during the trials, blowing away all of the other horses. He became the fourth-fastest qualifier with a 21.299. We can assume that Flying Cowboy shows off his extreme speed, trying to outdo his World Champion half-brother Cold Cash 123. We will see if Flying Cowboy 123 and jockey Ricky Ramirez can fly to the finish line and earn themselves an All American Derby win!

Flash and Roll

This filly has a lot of pressure on her head to win the All American Derby. It’s been two and a half decades since a filly has won, and it’s time Flash and Roll turns history around. This champion horse has won $1.2 million in her career. She is a champion breed worth $200,000. Flash and Roll finished eighth-fastest qualifier in the trials with a time of 21.457. Flash and Roll and jockey Raul Ramirez, Jr., could potentially flashback history being the first filly since 1994 to win the All American Derby.

Midday News

This astonishing horse proves with determination and passion anything is possible. Midday News is nearly blind in his right eye. However, he has five women standing behind him believing he can become the fastest horse in the All American Derby. Midday News didn’t let his eye affect his sight when he saw the finish line in the trials - he sped down the track qualifying with the tenth fastest time of 21.516. Midday News and jockey Raul Ramirez Jr. could potentially make headline news winning the 2019 All American Derby.

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