7 Scrumptious Snacks For Your Horse

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 12:15pm
by Meg Drake

Hi #RIDENation,

On occasion we like to spoil our horses! Check out these 7 delicious snacks that are healthy and safe for your four-legged friends.


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A traditional favorite; we all know that our horses love apples. If you’re going to allow your horse to indulge on these declious morsels, make sure to cut them into smaller pieces to avoid choking hazards.


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DUH! This one is a no brainer.


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After a good work out we all love a good banana for the heart healthy benefits of this nutrient-packed fruit. Well, most horses love them too! The potassium from bananas is an important part of any healthy diet. Some horses even like to eat the skin of bananas!


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This sweet summer treat is not only great in jams or for your kids, but it’s also a tasty treat for your horse.


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On a hot summer day when you’re getting your hands sticky with watermelon juice, consider feeding a piece to your horse so they can join in on the summer fun!


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Just like you love everything pumpkin (spice) in the fall, most horses will love some cut up pieces of pumpkin. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals. (Avoid feeding other gourds and squashes, as they may be toxic to your loved one).


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I know, gross right? Most humans either love or hate beets; there’s really no in between. But your horse can benefit from this fiber-filled snack that often comes in a pulp or dried pellet form for horses.

Note: Remember that moderation is key. Keep your horse’s diet balanced and only feed them treats on occasion to avoid any unhealthy eating habits. Also remember to cut these tasty treats into pieces so they are easier for your horse to chew and swallow.


Source: http://www.equinews.com/article/feeding-treats-horses


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