7 Pieces of Advice for Your 2017 Horse Show Season

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 5:30pm
Carley Montemuro
7 Pieces of Advice for Your 2017 Horse Show Season

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As the 2017 horse show season is beginning for some of us, we are always looking for a leg up in the show pen. One way to get this advantage is by listening to advice from other riders, judges and coaches who have ridden to and coached those at top levels. Below are a few tips and tricks on showing and preparation for the show pen from some amazing individuals in the industry.

“When showing always think ahead. Once you finish a maneuver forget it. Don’t worry about the past maneuver if it didn’t go well just focus on the one ahead of you," Craig Schmersal.

  • NRHA 3 Million Dollar Rider
  • NRHA Open Derby Champion
  • Multiple AQHA World Champion

“Be so well prepared, so polished, and so confident that the judge takes notice when you walk in the arena," Haley Schoolfield.

  • 2015-2016 National Collegiate Equestrian Association National Coach of the Year
  • Head Coach and Program Director TCU Equestrian
  • USHJA Certified Trainer

“You can only do your personal best each time you go out there, and even when it doesn’t go as planned you still got better because you gained experience and you can learn from your mistakes," Molly Peddicord.

  • 2016 NCEA First-Team All-American
  • 2016 Big 12 Rider of the Year
  •  2016 NCEA All-Championship Team

“Work with your horse every day and let their mind grow and develop in those maneuvers, this will help them get stronger mentally and physically. Let your success in the show pen derive from the fact that you know you worked hard at home. Never try to do too much at a horse show, stay within yourself," Matthew Palmer>

  • 3 time NRHA World Champion
  • 5 time American Quarter Horse Congress Champion
  • 2 time USEF Gold medalist (as the youngest member of the USEF team)

“I find mental preparation to be just as vital as the physical practice to horse showing success. Before I show I envision myself riding the pattern and how I hope to execute each maneuver. I also play through less than ideal scenarios and how I plan to react in those situations. Of course not every action can be premeditated, nor should it be, but I find it helps to have a game plan for a couple different scenarios," Alexi Child>

  • NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship recipient
  • 2014 Big 12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year
  • 2014 NCEA Academic First Team

“Leave some horse for the show pen. Don’t get so intense in the warm up that you ride all the good out of your horse," Sterling Bradley.

  • APAHA working western trainer of the year nominee
  • AHA Judge
  • Has coached or trained many clients to their first National Championship

“Always be prepared, but once you go in the gate, try and enjoy it. Go in trying to help your horse because it helps you focus on them being their best which helps channel your nervousness. Remember you started this path because of your love of horses so have fun," Melissa Dukes.

  • AQHA, NSBA & APHA judge
  • TCU Equestrian Western Head Coach
  • Coached or trained over 25 World, Reserve World and Congress Championships

Hopefully these tips help you ride your way into the show pen with confidence and ease, from all of us at RIDE TV, good luck to all competitors this upcoming show season! Do you have some additional tips for us? Leave them in the comments section below!

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