5 Equine Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 1:15pm
Makenzie Plusnick

The equestrian community on Instagram covers every discipline, from eventing to racing. It gives you the chance to see sides of the horse industry that you may not be familiar with and the differences in disciplines from around the world. Aside from the RIDE TV Instagram account, here are my top 5 favorite equestrian Instagram accounts.


PC: Instagram

I have been following this account for a about a year, and I smile every time I see a post of the adorable horses featured on this account. Lucy, who the account is named after, shows in several different western events, including halter class. She is easily one of the most stunning horses I have ever seen. She had an adorable baby named Finnegan last February, and he has tons of personality. Their owner, Meaghan, posts the cutest pictures and videos that will never fail to make you say ‘awww.’


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If you ever want to see what a real bond between a horse and a human is, check out this account. Mosie and her horses do something called "Liberty Horsemanship." From what I understand, it’s all about working with the horse to create something beautiful, not forcing or "training" the horse. Her account mainly features Annie, but she also has several other horses that make frequent appearances.


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Trainer Danielle and her horse Chobit are such a fun team to watch. Danielle has trained her horse since she was a two year old and has documented it all through her Instagram account. She chronicles her accomplishments as well as her struggles. She also shares tips and tricks she has learned through her experience as a trainer. If you want to find something that will motivate you to work towards you goals, follow this account.

@A Women’s Western Life

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This account covers a little bit of everything, from horses and cattle to fashion. Elizabeth shows her life as a rancher’s wife and a stay at home mom who lives on a cattle ranch. She shows adorable pictures of her family, Western inspired fashion looks, and her life on the ranch. If this isn’t family goals, I don’t know what is.


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Jocelyn trains horses for different disciplines and shows her progress through her account. She also takes incredible pictures. Her love and passion for horses really shines through her pictures. She combines pictures so beautiful they look almost fake with comedic pictures and videos of her horses progress and the variety makes her account super fun to follow.

Do you have a favorite equine influenced Instagram account to follow? Add yours in the comments section below!

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