1970's Cher: The Ultimate NFR Fashion Inspiration

Monday, October 17, 2016 - 6:15pm
Megan Wilson

Hey #RIDENation,

Next up on our NFR inspiration list is western fashion icon and El Centro, California native- Cher! She sang more pop than country, but her style was flawlessly western. Maybe she got it from her deep-California-almost-Arizona beginnings? Whatever or wherever she drew inspiration from, she did it well!

Matching blouse or shirt color to pants is one of my favorite trends from the sixties and seventies, and one reason why I love this look. A baby blue would work well in spring or even summer months, but matching colors like aubergine, rust, or dark teal will make this trend more December and NFR appropriate. The other thing that I really appreciate about this outfit aside from her Naja-adorned hat, is how she coordinated her jewelry to closely resemble the color of her clothes. That being said, a dark teal ensemble will look perfect with a darker turquoise stone such as Pilot Mountain Turquoise, which is seen below.

Pilot Mountain Turquoise from TeraPeak.com. 

Trends begin with one bold individual stepping out to shamelessly and confidently rock a style that is not already popular- which is why you should go with a fur coat for NFR! I personally love a fur coat, and Cher does it right with this red fox fur duster. These can be found all over EBay and Etsy, but search terms for fur coats can get a little confusing since there’s so many options, so here’s a guide to make searching for a fur coat a little easier (and keep in mind that there’s options for almost any budget):

Fox- Fur coats are made from a multitude of animals- from beaver to coyote, to raccoon and rabbit, but the easiest to find are those made of fox. Fox fur will be lustrous, soft, and thick.
Faux- Imitation or artificial fur. This type of fur will be coarser than the real thing, and has a higher tendency to clump together.
Vegan- Vegan is another word for faux.
Blue- White fur with subtle black highlights.
Silver- Black and white fur, looks almost charcoal. Silver fox fur is the most expensive.
Red- The most common and least expensive fox fur, red in color.

Here is another example of the Cher going for the matchy-matchy seventies trend, except this time she sticks with a blue-turquoise squash blossom on top of a beigey leather blouse. Colors such as bone, beige, eggshell, silverbelly, and even ivory, loophole around the “No White after Labor Day” rule (if you choose to follow it)- making this outfit NFR appropriate. Several western luxury brands have even been known to regularly come out with ivory colored coats and jackets every year.

Here, Cher went with a salmon jumpsuit and Zuni jewels in both turquoise and coral this time. Opt for something similar for NFR this year, but in a timeless red. Even though jumpsuits come in a variety of styles, from a tapered leg to kimono sleeves, I would choose either a wide leg or a bellbottom with a strapless bodice. Strapless bodices are dressy enough for a once per year occasion such as NFR, and can be made cold weather friendly by draping a blazer or jacket over the shoulders. Wide leg and bell bottoms are currently trending, and should still be by the time December rolls around- so save the tapered leg for another year!

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