18 Life Lessons We Learned from The Saddle Club

Wednesday, October 12, 2016 - 11:45am
Emily Tall

(WARNING: Spoilers lie ahead!)

No cell phones in the ring. Not only could you spook a horse, you could also get someone seriously hurt.

Be nice to the new girl, she just might save your life. We've all been "the new kid" in some situation and it stinks. But if you befriend the new kid, I think you'd be surprised: they could be your new best friend or they could save you from someone's pager going off on a trail ride!

Always stand up for what you believe in. When The Saddle Club wanted to save Prancer from being put down, they put in the extra work around the barn to ease the financial burden on Max and Mrs. Reg. 

Mama (Mrs. Reg) knows best. Mrs. Reg is always there at the most convenient times with some words of wisdom that end up fixing everything. Also, she proved that you can ride like a champ at any age! 

Everything sounds better in an Australian accent. That's just a fact.

"Life should be fun for everyone." You know you sing the theme song every time it comes on, don't lie.

Always tell the truth. Red's band mate Jake didn't always follow the rules and he made a mistake that nearly set the whole barn on fire. Max got mad and blamed Red because jake didn't step up and admit his mistake, so Red almost left Pine Hollow for good. What would The Saddle Club be without Red O' Malley!?

It only takes two weeks to watch two seasons of The Saddle Club. Just in case you were wondering....

Boys don't understand girls and girls don't understand boys. The first season is a tiring back and forth of miscommunication between Phil and Stevie (with some meddling from Veronica added in) that probably wouldn't have happened if they just talked to each other and not everyone else!

You can make anything happen if enough people want it. Max and Deborah put off their wedding because Lisa was unable to make it. But, when Lisa was well agian everyone pitched in to create the most beautiful horse lover's wedding in just a matter of days!

the 90's and early 2000's were a rough time for fashion. Just....no. 

As much as we like both actors who play Red, we like the original best. Can't get over that boyish charm, and that smile! *swoon*

The Saddle Club isn't scared of anything. Lisa, Stevie and Carole take on a ton of dangerous adventures all the way from Veronica's evil eyelash curler to Mr. Cowlin and his son ruining Raffeal's life! But they always save the day in the end.

Always wear your helmet. Stevie was riding without her helmet so no one could see the pimple on her cheek, but she ended up with a pretty bad concussion. Which is worse, sitting out from riding because of a head injury or a boy seeing you with a pimple that will go away in a week?

Yes, Chris Hemsworth (swoon) is in an episode as a vet in the second season! What a stud muffin. Not only is he a god who's job is to save the world, but he's also a cute vet who saved Belle from lead poisoning!

Scooter is the most romantic guy on the entire show despite his goofball ways! He always knows the right thing to say to make Veronica smile (yes, Veronica is capable of smiling...apparently).

Slow and steady wins the race. We all know the story of the tortoise and the hare, but did you know the story of Lisa and Stevie? In the cross country race they took their time and took a slightly longer route to get to the finish line, but they won because they weren't over working their horses or trying to ride them through boggy water. 

Love before gold. Scooter is a smart guy, huh?


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