15 Ranchy Junk Gypsy Must Haves

Friday, March 31, 2017 - 5:00pm
15 Ranchy Junk Gypsy Must Haves

Alright friends, it’s time I got something off my chest! Before I had a driver’s license, I used to wait until I was home alone to steal my sister’s car so I could drive over to use the computers at the public library. I’d go “window” shop Junk Gypsy, read their blog, and daydream about JuNK-O-RaMA Prom. Many years later here I am (with a driver’s license), and I still love their stuff—so it must be good, which is why I wanted to share! #RIDEInStyle with Junk Gypsy’s ranchiest pieces, found below!

1. Grit John Wayne Crew Tee
Odds are if you’re reading this, you probably have at least ONE John Wayne DVD at your house! I love #TheCowboys… what’s your favorite?

2. The Back 40 Boot - Retro Brown
It doesn’t matter what kind or size of operation, you’ll always find distressed leather somewhere on the ranch! This boot features distressed leather, dark brown overlay, and pretty ivory piping! It’s also available in “retro pink” for the girly girls!

3. Cabin Fever Blanket - Canyon Sunset
I don’t believe any ranch house is complete without some kind of Navajo rug or blanket lying around! JG’s Cabin Fever Blanket is available in several different colors, but I like “Canyon Sunset” the best.

4. Protect This Rider Necklace
As #equestrians, we all know how dangerous our sport can be! This sweet little piece offers some heartwarming comfort for when you’re in the saddle, and what’s best? They didn’t forget about the horse! On the back it reads, “and the horse she rode in on”.

5. Made in Texas Leather Can Cooler 
A leather koozie for a cold beverage, ‘cause you probably always reach for one when you’re done working horses or cattle!

6. JG Pistol Buckle
It almost looks like the real thing! I’d leave this one at home next time you have to board a plane…

7. How to be a Cowboy by Jim Arndt
Photos, short stories, poems, and drawings explain every aspect cowboy life in this book-- including ranching, rodeo, horses, cooking, music, attire, and more!

8. The Chieftain Ring
This ring makes me think about the time I spent hunting arrowheads and cow skulls as a little girl!

9. Do no Harm, but Take no Bull Tank – Oatmeal
Things horses teach us: -How to be gentle -How to listen well -How not put up with much!

10. Always Saddle Your Own Horse Bracelet – Sterling
Just a pleasant reminder to wear around your wrist! “Always saddle your own horse… and always stand on your own two feet.”

11. Sweetheart of the Rodeo Boots
Being on the ranch means being in tune with nature! I love the flowers and birds on these Sweetheart of the Rodeo Boots!

12. Horseshoe Mason Jar Shot Glass
It’s been a long week, you probably deserve it! Besides, have you ever seen a western movie that didn’t have whiskey in it?

13. Get Lucky Horseshoe Necklace
In case you were wandering, the “Desperado Skull Necklace” is also available at JG!

14. Great Plains Soap Set
While we’re immune to the smell of barn, it’s still an unpleasant smell for most! These soaps were designed in the style of 18th century toiletries… so take a bath, cowboy! #horsehistory

15. JG Horseshoe Unisex Tee - Heather grey
Since I started with a confession, I might as well end with one, too… I got my second tattoo when I was seventeen, of a horseshoe on the back of my shoulder! I can’t say I regret it, but it’s taken some getting used to!

Well #RIDENation, are any of you Junk Gypsy fans? What are your favorite ranchy Junk Gypsy products? Let us know in the comment section, below!

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