13 Things We Learned from Season 2 of Southern Fried Skinnyfied

Wednesday, November 2, 2016 - 3:30pm
Will Beeson

Here are 13 things we learned from Paige Duke on season two of Southern Fried Skinnyfied...

1. Paige Duke is a reincarnation of Katniss Everdeen


We have now dubbed her Paigeness Everduke. More Paigeness here.

2. Make a grocery list.

Plan out your meal so your trip to the local grocery store won’t get out of hand. Your wallet and stomach will thank you!

3. Support your local farmers market.

Ever pass by a farmer’s market on the side of the road, but never turn in? Do it! You never know what kind of awesome produce they will have for sale.

4. Buy whole, fresh veggies.

Take the time to chop your own vegetables, it will save you money from buying pre-chopped items. Having a bad day? Take it out on the cucumber.

5. Smell your avocados before you buy them.

Fishy smelling avocados belong in the seafood aisle. See what I did there?

6. Devein your shrimp.

I can’t remember a time I wanted to eat the shrimp’s poop. Get that poop out of here!

7. Pan drippings are the nectar of the gods. Use them.

*Wipes drool from mouth* then visits Paige’s Jambalaya recipe here.

8. Meat Crush Monday > Man Crush Monday

*Swipes right for this venison tenderloin* Learn how Paige “skinnyfies” this recipe here.

9. DON’T watch Southern Fried Skinnyfied on an empty stomach.

Your stomach will be growling for 30 minutes. How do you combat this? Purchase Paige’s cookbook here.

10. DO invite your friends to cook with you.

Not only will you be sharing cooking recipes and tips, but also laughs and smiles. More laughs with Paige found here.

11. Post a picture of the finished meal.

Include a witty caption for more likes. Example: “Mmmm, I can’t wait to dig into these CabNEATo Tacos #foodie #food #fun.” Get Paige’s Cabrito Tacos recipe here.

12. Share your hard work with your friends.

There is nothing better than sharing a hearty and healthy meal surrounded by your friends.

13. Relax outside with a cool drink.

My motto is, “catch up with a cocktail.” Plus, drinking a beverage + outside = Instagram Gold 101.

We hoped you enjoyed these tips from season 2 of Southern Fried Skinnyfied. As Paige would say, “thanks for cooking with me this season, y’all.”




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