11 Things Every Cowgirl Needs in Her Room

Tuesday, January 31, 2017 - 12:15pm
Megan Wilson
11 Things Every Cowgirl Needs in Her Room


It’s really important to me to create spaces in my home that are relaxing, inspiring, and representative of my personal style and the things I love. As I change and grow, I rearrange accordingly, and pick up little details such as drawer handles and new art, that help to refine the overall composition of the room. I’ve come to find that as with myself, my space is never really “finished”- there’s always room for improvement, which is wonderful. The art of interior design has been dear to me since before I even knew it was a thing. I’m happy to share a little piece of my heart with you with these eleven décor items I adore! #RIDEInStyle, #RIDENation!

1. Dale Evans 24” x 36” Movie Poster, http://bit.ly/2kzqVCc

Dale Evans

2. Pendleton “Journey West” Wool Blanket, http://bit.ly/2jJblTD

Pendleton blanket

3. Cactus and Sea Spray Candle, http://etsy.me/2jCIIdd


4. Vintage Teepee Scarf Pillow, http://etsy.me/2k4nFiq


5. Cowhide Area Rug, http://bit.ly/2kN7O6U

cowhide area rug

6. Ralph Lauren Books, “The West” and “Ralph Lauren”, http://rlauren.co/2jnTGVC

ralph lauren

7. Arrow and Agate Drawer Pulls, http://bit.ly/2jwqZkq, http://bit.ly/2jwueIT



8. Floral Carved Wood Catchall http://etsy.me/2jFicQH

wooden accents

9. Brass Steer Boot Jack, http://etsy.me/2k69edF

boot jack

10. Vintage Cowboy Mug, http://etsy.me/2jjkiqL

coffee mug

11. J. Alexander Jewelry Box, http://bit.ly/2kHInDZ

jewelry box



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