11 Fun Facts About Horse Polo

Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 10:00am
Jordyn Hampe
11 Fun Facts About Horse Polo

Since its beginning in Persia in the 6th century BC, horse polo has been a popular sport among those in the equestrian community. Check out these fun facts about the game you probably didn’t know!

1. Polo was originally created 2, 500 years ago with the purpose of training the king’s guards or other elite troops, but very little has changed since its beginning.

2. The traditional white pants date back to the nineteenth century, a time when Indian royals often played polo in the heat, and preferred light colors and fabrics.

PC: http://poloconsult.com/why-players-wear-white-pants/

3. In 1859, British tea planters created the very first European polo club in Silchar.

4. James Gordon Bennett, a sportsman and newspaper publisher, first introduced polo to the United States in 1876.

PC: http://www.polomuseum.com/hall-of-fame/about

5. The first international polo competition took place in 1886, in which the United States lost to the English.

6. Although the most well known version of polo is equine polo, there are many variations around the world including donkey, camel, yak, and elephant polo!

PC: http://learnthaiwithmod.com/2011/09/elephant-polo-in-thailand/

7. “Polo ponies” aren’t actually ponies – they are typically a cross between a quarter horse and a thoroughbred, bred specifically for polo.

8. Many celebrities are fans of the sport, and enjoy playing polo rather than just spectating! Celebrity polo players include Will Rogers, Clark Cable, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, as well as Tommy Lee Jones, Ashton Kutcher, and Brad Pitt.

PC: https://d23.com/hats-off-to-walt-disney/

9. Polo can only be played with the right hand, because the game rules follow the same principle as driving along a road.

10. The character of Tom Buchanon from the novel “The Great Gatsby” is based on America’s best polo player in history, Tommy Hitchcock Jr.

PC: https://www.britannica.com/biography/Thomas-Hitchcock-Jr

11. The polo t-shirt we know today was invented in the 1920’s by Lewis Lacey. Nobody expected it to become a fashion trend, but it quickly took off!


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