10 Things Your Equestrian Girlfriend Actually Wants For Valentines Day

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 9:45am
by Amanda Morris

Boys, boys, boys. Even on Valentine’s day, your girl’s horse is probably going to be first priority over chocolates and dinner plans (don’t even get her started on flowers…). We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of some gifts that your equine-loving girlfriend will actually be excited about this year! You can call us Cupid. 

  1. Dainty Pendant: Get her some jewelry that represents the bond she has with her biggest love (oh, you thought we meant you? Sorry.). Bonus points if you throw a charm on there with her initials or her horse’s name!
  2. Canvas: Have a photo of her biggest love (still not you) printed onto a canvas for her to hang at home. CVS and Walgreens make it really easy to have a photo printed onto a canvas!
  3. Personalized USB: Get her something for her work (or her show videos!) with a horse-shaped USB Drive.
  4. A Classic Clutch: Get her the perfect accessory for the days when she trades boots and spurs for a pair of heels with a nice clutch, complete with details she will love!
  5. Tote Bag: This personalized tote makes the perfect weekend bag for trips to shows, as well as a great show bag to keep all of her horse’s maintenance equipment in.
  6. Personalized Stationary Stamp: This is perfect for every time she needs to send a sponsor a “Thank You” Card, or anything else she’ll be mailing from home. Personalized stationary is a classic gift that will keep on giving!
  7. Saddle Pad: Equestrian girls go window shopping for new saddle pads the same way most girls look for new clothes. Get her something in her favorite colors, or get her a pad and a show shirt that match, so she can wear them together at her next event!
  8. Personalized Halter: The thing all equestrian girls get excited about! Put her name on it, her favorite horse’s name, or anything that you think she would love. Bonus points if you throw in some cow hide!
  9. Computer Decal: Because we all love to accessorize all of our belongings with the things we are passionate about.
  10. Movie Night: Go grab one of her favorite ‘flics (Hint: Check in the “Animal Movies” section) and plan a romantic night in. Caution: Make sure it doesn’t conflict with evening barn chores or feeding time!

These are sure to get your girlfriend swooning over your thoughtfulness. If you have more gift ideas, tell us in the comments!

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