10 Things We Learned from Cameron Hayley’s RIDE TV Office Visit

Thursday, November 3, 2016 - 5:30pm
Will Beeson

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver, Cameron Hayley stopped by the RIDE TV offices yesterday for a special meet and greet. While he was here, we got to pick his brain on what it's like to be a NASCAR truck driver. Be on the lookout for Cameron in #13 RIDE TV truck during today's #Longhorn350 race at the Texas Motor Speedway. 

1. Drivers typically lose 10 pounds during one race.

While this fast-track weight loss option sounds enticing, Cameron shared you usually drink 15-pounds of liquid before a race to stay hydrated, but still ~weight loss~ is involved, so we’re interested.

2. The driver is well protected inside their car.

Think of the driver’s seat as a protective cocoon. Their head, neck, arms and legs are tightly confined to the seat allowing them to stay safe even in the event of a wreck. Cameron stated he was in a serious wreck two weeks ago, and if it wasn’t for the safety of his equipment, he would’ve ended up seriously injured.

3. You drive with cars five feet in front and behind of you and 3 inches beside you going 180 miles per hour for 200 plus laps.

For us common folk, imagine trying to tailgate someone for two to three hours going that fast.

4. You need to stay in shape.

Most people think all you have to do is drive a car at high speeds. However, you need to be in peak physical form to compete at the professional level. Your arms can’t fatigue with 20 laps to go, you have to put in the work on and off the track.

5. Mental toughness is just as important as physical fitness.

We already stated how much physical stamina you have to have, but being mentally fit is also key. Losing your cool inside the driver’s seat can cost you the race.

6. Remember to go to the bathroom before the race.

You won’t have time to use the bathroom during the race. We were informed that some driver’s will go to the bathroom on themselves…if you're not first, you're last. 

7. Be prepared to be on the road, a lot.

You are constantly traveling from race to race. Sometimes it's difficult as a driver being away from family and friends. Cameron, at 20, stated he hasn’t been back home to Calgary all year. But luckily his family has been able to travel to some of his races!

8. The offseason is just as important as the regular season.

Though Cameron will take a three-week vacation back to his hometown in Canada, during the upcoming off season, he stressed that the offseason is still super important for a driver. This is the time you meet with potential sponsors, set your schedule and maintain your fitness.

9. You can start racing as a professional at the tender age of 16.

While you are limited to only racing at tracks a mile and half in length, imagine 180 miles per hour at 16-years-old. When I was 16, I could barely parallel park. At 22, I still can’t.

10. You become one with your truck.

Cameron said he works on his truck every day to make sure it stays in perfect racing condition. Think of your truck as your baby. Your baby truck.


We thoroughly enjoyed having Cameron Hayley and members of his ThorSport racing crew at our offices! Be sure to cheer on the #13 truck this Friday.


Go Cameron go!

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